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West Kelowna


The Westside has always been appreciated for its quiet beaches, rolling hills of orchards, and fantastic outdoor activities. The small sleepy town that once was, has grown into a thriving independent municipality that has a ‘rural sophistication’ feel to it with vineyards, wineries, summer concerts, trails, agricultural pursuits, along with shops that offer the familiar comforts of home.

With spectacular vistas the area landscapes are some of the most photographed in the Okanagan Valley. The dormant volcano nearby, Mt Boucherie, has created a terrain that is dynamic and interesting, while at the same time rich and lush. Its volcanic soil has primed the land for growing premium grapes.

Agriculture has always been a way of life here and farm-to-table is not just the latest fad. The families on the Westside were true pioneers and innovators when it came to agriculture. The betterment and development of the nut growing industry in British Columbia began here at what is today known as the Gellatly Nut Farm Regional Park. The beginnings of the wine industry also got its start here with some of the oldest vines in the Okanagan being found in West Kelowna.


First Nation Peoples – The sqilxʷ people have lived in the Kelowna (kiʔlawnaʔ) and Westbank (stqaʔtkʷəɬniwt) area from time immemorial. Their rich history is passed down from each generation through ancient oral stories (captikʷəɬ). As you travel around our community you will see the Okanagan language (nsyilxcen) and their culture woven into the community through signs, public art and symbols.

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