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Wildfire Emergency Information - Sign Up Link 
Central Okanagan Emergency Operations

Fire Alarm Testing

Fire Alarm bell testing is performed on the last Tuesday of every month. In order to maintain the system properly alarms will sound for short periods of time.  On a test day, if the alarm sounds for longer than five minutes, then it is no longer part of testing and residents must evacuate the building via the shortest route possible.

In-suite Annual Fire & Smoke Alarm Testing

Fire Safety includes government mandated annual testing of smoke detectors and inspection of sprinkler heads inside your suite. Annual testing occurs in September and residents have a legal obligation to comply with allowing the Fire Safety Technicians access to their unit. Non-compliant homeowners and/or their tenants are fined and any charges for repeat service callbacks are applied to the homeowner account. Homeowners are responsible to ensure their tenants provide access. 

Smoke Detector Replacement

If your smoke detector begins to chirp this is an indicator that either the battery or the device needs to be changed out. This is the responsibility of the Strata. Contact for smoke detector maintenance. 


In Case Of Evacuation

If the fire alarm sounds and it is not a scheduled test, consider it an emergency and evacuate the building. Always check your door for heat or gas to ensure that it is safe to open and exit. Exit via the closest opening to the outdoors.  DO NOT travel down to the garage Parkade. It is not the closest exit.  DO NOT use the elevators under any circumstances.  Remember, the first and safest exit is the best exit.


Where To Go?

Once out of the building move a safe distance away from the building to a point where emergency services can find you. Buildings 1 & 2 should travel on Brown Road to Ingram, right on Ingram to the Johnson Bentley Memorial Aquatic Centre parking lot. Buildings 3 & 4 should travel down Old Okanagan Hwy to Johnson Bentley as well.  The MUSTER STATION for all RESIDENTS is Johnson Bentley Community Pool.  


DO NOT GO BACK INSIDE - EVEN IF SOMEONE IS MISSING!  Going back into a burning or unstable building can create a second victim.  If someone is trapped inside, rescuers will need to find one person.  If you go back inside, they'll need to find two. Once out, stay out! 


Wildfire Season in the Okanagan

Stay informed about area fires and evacuation alert notices. Sign up with Central Okanagan Emergency to receive up-to-date information about fires affecting your neighbourhood. Keep your important documents and possessions in a grab and go bag. Be prepared to evacuate on short notice. 

Central Okanagan Emergency Operations

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