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At Miravista security is considered at the highest of priority. Read and review this information with your loved ones to ensure everyone is aware of how we can all work a safer community. Video Surveillance is operational in common areas and in the underground parking. If you are concerned about any security issues, report it, report it, report it by contacting the West Kelowna RCMP if you witness suspicious or illegal activities. Stolen property should be reported to the RCMP to generate a police file number.

Call the RCMP  -  Emergency 9-1-1

  • If you see a crime in progress or about to occur

  • If you feel in danger

  • When someone else is in danger

  • To report a drunk driver

  • To report a major accident


Call RCMP Non-Emergency - 250-768-2880

  • Suspicious or illegal activities for prowling or trespassing

  • Noise Bylaw Offences after 11pm and before 7am

  • Panhandling / Illegal Camping


Video cameras and remote entry front door Fobs are installed in all four Miravista Buildings for increased security. However, condominiums share the same worries as single-family homes when it comes to burglary and break-ins.

What can residents do to secure the complex and their units?

  • Please make sure the front doors to your building are shut and secure. When moving furniture in or out do not leave the front doors open and unattended. This presents a real security risk. There have been instances where strangers have walked in and either damaged common property or attempted to break into units.

  • Never buzz someone into the building that you don't know. Thieves are opportunists. They will exploit any opportunity to bypass our security system. They will act as friends of neighbors who are supposed to let them in but aren’t home and rely on our reluctance to create an uncomfortable social situation, or act as a pizza delivery person to get in. If someone that you don’t know attempts to come into the building with you, firmly explain that they will have to use the Enterphone to get buzzed in.

  • Use the peephole in your unit to identify the person or people at your door. Ask for identification from service people, even when they’re wearing a uniform. Call their company if you still feel uneasy about them even after seeing their identification.


  • Lock your door always, whether at home or away. If you live on the ground floor, always keep your patio door locked when unattended. Never leave any door open that intruders could sneak in. Just like your doors, keep your windows closed and locked when you are away from home. 

  • Get to know your neighbours and residents from other buildings in the neighbourhood. Find a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your suite when away from your home and property. Offer to be that watchful neighbour for other building residents. Cooperation among neighbours improves community security. 

  • Watch out for suspicious people loitering around the common areas particularly the parking garage doors. They may be attempting to gain access. Wait for the garage door to close behind you before proceeding. 

  • The Lobby Enterphone is programmed to display only your last name and first initial. The Enterphone has a code number for your unit. Suite numbers are not visible. Limiting details prevents strangers from identifying your gender or the number of people living in the unit.

  • Watch out for suspicious people loitering around the common areas particularly the parking garage doors. They may be attempting to gain access. Wait for the garage door to close behind you before continuing. Report this kind of suspicious activity to the RCMP Non-Emergency phone. 

  • If you lose your fob or garage opener immediately contact the Miravista email to have it deactivated. 


It is important that non-residents are not able to access the parkade through the garage door. It is everyone's responsibility to ensure that the garage door is fully closed before driving away or proceeding to your parking stall.

  • Do not allow other vehicles to follow you into the parkade unless you are sure of the person's identity. CCTV is operational at Miravista 



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