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  Miravista Strata Council would like to remind all residents…

  If you witness suspicious or illegal activities

  Call the R.C.M.P. immediately


     Dial 9-1-1 for an Emergency

  • If you see a crime in progress or about to occur

  • If you feel in danger

  • When someone else is in danger

  • To report a drunk driver

  • To report a major accident


     Dial 250-768-2880 (Non-Emergency Line)

  • Suspicious or illegal activities, including prowling and trespassing

  • Noise Bylaw Offences

  • Parking Offences and Abandoned Vehicles on the street

  • Panhandling / Illegal Camping


It is important that non-residents are not able to access the parkade through the garage door.  As indicated clearly on the garage door,

it is your responsibility to  ensure that the garage door is fully closed before you drive away or proceed to your  parking stall. 


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