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The community at Miravista recognizes that pets are often our best friends. 
  • One pet is permitted. One dog or one cat, but not both. 

  • At maturity a dog must not exceed 18” of height measured to the shoulder.

  • Pets must be registered at the Miravista Administration Office. 

  • Ensure your pet is leashed and under control when on common property.

  • A maximum of three small caged mammals are permitted with the exception of mice, rats, reptiles, snakes, scorpions or spiders.

  • All tenants, guests and visitors are responsible to clean up after their pets.

  • Pets are not permitted to defecate or urinate on the common property

  • Please be respectful of neighbouring properties  

  • Any damage to property or injury to persons, or other animals is the responsibility of the pet owner.

  • If a pet becomes a nuisance by virtue of behavior, noise, or sanitary conditions fines can be levied.

  • Pet sitting is permitted for a maximum of 2 weeks at a time, three times per year with maximum of on three separate occasions with total of only two pets total per suite. Any pet sitting needs to be reported to the building administration prior to the visit and include the dates that the additional pet will be onsite.  The 18" maximum height still applies. 

  • From the FORMS PAGE, download the .pdf Pet Form and save it to your computer labeling it with your suite number and name, then open the newly saved document and complet the fillable form and and submit to


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