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Moving Procedures

To schedule your move contact with 

Unit Number, Name, Phone Number, &

Date of desired move.


Book early to ensure availability of your preferred date.

Moving Procedures



1.  The fee to move into the complex shall be $200. Payable via e-transfer or cheque to for                       returning homeowners or tenants. New homeowners pay the moving fee via conveyancing.

2.  The building administrator must be informed of a move-in or move-out at least 72 hours prior to a move and is subject

     to the availability of the elevator and loading access for a moving truck.

3.  If the building administrator is not informed as required by Moving Rule 2, the resident may be restricted from moving             in/out and/or be subject to fines.

4.  Moving in/out is only permitted between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. in four-hour intervals 8am to 12pm, 12pm              to 4pm, or 4pm to 8pm

5.  Only one moving van per driveway will be permitted at any one time. The combined overall length of the vehicle may               not exceed 40 feet.

6.  If a vehicle is blocking emergency access, the vehicle must be removed immediately upon request of council or the                   building manager. Failure to do so may result in the vehicle being towed at the owner's expense.

7.  Moving in or out through emergency exit doors is not permitted. Moving must be conducted through the front doors.

8.  Every resident moving into Miravista will receive a copy of the moving procedures upon notification to the building                      administration. The moving procedures must be followed at all times.

9.   Lobby Doors must be supervised at all times during the move and must not be left propped open and unattended.

10. No moves are permitted on Waste & Recycling pick-up days (currently Thursdays and subject to change) as driveways                must be kept clear for disposal truck access.

11.  Sea Can shipping containers are not permitted to be parked in the driveways or Fire Lanes in front of or behind the                    buildings.

12.  Lobby doors need to be accessible for all residents throughout the move. Any resident who requires access to the                       elevator due to handicap or emergency must be accommodated.

13.  Use of the elevator key for above ground floors is required. A $50 refundable security deposit can be sent via e-transfer           to or by cheque to the administration office. No cash transactions are available.

14.  Instructions for picking up the elevator key from the lock box will be provided to you via email at 6pm the evening                       before your moving day.

15.  The elevator key fits in the receptacle on the bottom right of the elevator control panel. Slot the key gently into the                     receptacle and press it deeper into the hole then gently turn to the right to lock out the door.

16.  Please minimize elevator lock out time by moving enough household items from the moving truck to the lobby before             beginning to load the elevator.

17.   When unloading from the elevator move items to the hallway beside the elevator and release the elevator before                        transporting belongings to your unit. When moving out, the converse applies.

18.  When there is a break during the move or while the elevator is unloaded, return the elevator to service for the duration             of the break.

19.   New residents need to provide a cell phone number where they can be contacted during the move.

20.  The strata contact number for urgent issues during your move is 250-718-9212.

21.   To receive your refundable $50 key deposit, send an email to to notify that the key has                  been returned to the Lobby Mailbox labelled Building Manager.


         Miravista KAS3488 Revised November 2023


Per the Miravista Bylaws a Move-In or Move-Out must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance of your move to ensure availability of the elevator and driveway access. Prime dates and times fill first so book early to schedule your move. Email miravistabuilding@gmail.comUnit Number, Name, & Phone number. 


Your move is permitted in four

hour intervals from 8am-12pm, 12pm-4pm and 4pm-8pm.  There are no moves on Thursdays mornings from 8am to 12pm while waste & recyling trucks access the driveways. 


One moving van per driveway at any time. Moving vans may not exceed 40ft. Emergency exits must remain accessible at all times.  Lobby doors to remain closed between loads.  


The moving fee of $200 is payable by e-Fund Transfer to: 

There is no Move-Out fee. There is a $50 refundable deposit for required use of the elevator key.


Ensure you have received your door key, door fobs, garage openers, mailbox, parking stall, storage unit, and enterphone numbers from the Seller, Owner or Rental Manager. 


Per the Bylaws only one pet is allowed.  Maximum height allowed is 18” at shoulder at maturity.  A Pet Registration Form must be submitted prior to moving in. 


Bring a padlock for your Storage

Unit. The Lobby Enterphone system works can be programmed to work with your cell phone. 


Per the BC Strata Act, homeowners or their Rental Manager, must submit a signed Form K for their Tenants within 2 weeks of Move In


Quiet time is observed between 11:00 pm – 7:00 am

in suites and on balconies or patios.

Use consideration with 

  • playing stereos

  • TV volume

  • closing kitchen drawers 

  • doors and cabinets

  • entertaining guests etc.

  • wear soft sole slippers indoors


Although the building construction meets all building

code requirements, they are not sound proof and 

sounds can transmit to other units and common areas.


 Be mindful of noise

For homeowners register at to view Council Minutes & Notices and have them delivered 
directly to your email address.

For tenants, contact your landlord for in-suite repairs,
to obtain additional fobs or garage openers or for
information regarding your suite.   
For smoke detector replacement contact

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