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           Pacific Quorum

     Property Management


Liz Westerveld, Property Manager


For information about Strata Fees




Miravista Strata KAS3488 

Administration Office

Open Saturdays 9am to 12pm

or by appointment 


To schedule a move, purchase a fob or garage opener, or for general inquiries contact 

Located on-site in the Amenities Room by the Swimming Pool




24/7 Emergency Response 



   For issues with elevators, overhead garage doors, water or sewer leaks,

and building damage

Call 911

Ambulance, Fire, Police


The condominiums are located in West Kelowna, BC, Canada and are comprised of privately owned units.  

Building management, financial services, and administration is provided by Pacific Quorum Okanagan Properties. Site maintenance is under contract to Alliance Response.  

The Strata Council is comprised of  seven elected Homeowners that volunteer their time to manage our common investment, and improve our strata community for the safety, and enjoyment of all. 

Mira Vista KAS3488 is governed by the BC Strata Property Act and the

Miravista Bylaws.

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Miravista Strata

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