Welcome Information


Welcome to Mira Vista 
Living in a close proximity to other residents requires that each person exercise consideration and concern for fellow residents. The rules and policies adopted by the Council simply outline such common sense considerations. The rules we have highlighted here are summaries only, intended to familiarize you with their existence. The ability to enjoy living at Mira Vista while maintaining the protection of property are our main objectives for this community.


Please take the time to review the following information which will help to acquaint you with your new home.

Frequently Used Numbers

All Emergencies - Police, Fire, Ambulance                  911

Police –Non-Emergency                                               (250) 768-2880

Kelowna General Hospital                                             (250) 862-4000                       

Johnson Bentley Memorial Aquatic Centre              (250) 768-4442‎                                           

Telus                                                                                   (250) 310-2255  

Shaw Cable                                                                       (250) 310-7429


Mira Vista Contacts

3833 & 3843 Brown Rd / 3832 & 3842 Old Okanagan Hwy, West Kelowna

Michele Seger – Strata Manager  Pacific Quorum    (250) 868-3383 


201-1979 Bredin Street, Kelowna, BC V1Y  8T2            mseger@pacificquorum.com

PQ Emergency Paging (floods, leaks, etc.)                 (250) 868-5858

Garnet Morse – Mira Vista Building Manager             (778) 754-5800



**Appointment time is required 48 hours prior to your move in date. Contact the Building Manager**


Required “Before” You Move In

  • Make an appointment for Move In (or Move Out) with the Administration Office at (778) 754-5800. If the Building Manager is not informed as required by Moving Rule 2, the resident may be restricted from moving in/out.

  • Come in to the Administration Office as soon as possible after (or before) you move in to have your fobs re-programmed and to update contact information for your unit.
    Office hours:  Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 9am - 1pm

  • Move in/out is only permitted between 8:00a.m. and 10:00p.m. One moving van per driveway at any one time. Moving vans may not exceed 40ft and cannot block the emergency access.

  • Ensure you have received Key Fobs, Parking Garage Fobs for entry to the building and garage from the seller or Owner/Property Manager, including a copy of “Schedule of Consolidated Bylaws KAS3488” and “Consolidated Rules”.

  • Know your parking stall and storage locker number



The community at Miravista recognizes that pets are often our best friends. We also understand that not all pets are misbehaved and most are well trained. Still, pets often are a source of community conflicts, so some basic pet policies have been established.

  • Your pet  must be registered at the Administration Office. (see Bylaws for size restrictions) 

  • You must ensure your animal is leashed and under control when on common property.

  • One dog or one cat only.


  • Dog must not exceed the height of 18” measure at the shoulder.

  • A maximum of 3 small caged mammals, with the exception of mice, rats, reptiles, snakes, scorpions or spiders.

  • All tenants, guests and visitors are responsible to clean up after their pets. Pet owners must not allow their pets to use the common property to defecate or urinate on. Please take your pet off the strata property for this purpose; the grass is being destroyed by the pet feces and urine. Please be respectful of your neighbors on surrounding properties as well.

  • Any damage to property or injury to persons, or other animals is the responsibility of the Pet Owner.

  • If a pet becomes a nuisance by virtue of behavior, noise or sanitary conditions fines may be assessed.


Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is permitted for a maximum of 2 weeks at a time, to a maximum of two dogs or two cats or a combination of one dog or one cat in a unit, on no more than 3 separate visits. Any pet sitting has to be reported to the building manager prior to the occurrence, including the dates the additional pet will be onsite. 


Use of Property

Any business that involves customer/client visits coming to the buildings and/or strata lots is not permitted.  Only business that can be conducted over the phone or the computer is permitted.



We have put security at the highest priority at Miravista. Please read and review the next page with your loved ones to ensure we are all working towards a safer community. We have Video Surveillance on many common areas and the underground parking. If you are concerned about any security issues, report it, report it, report it......... Thank-you for your diligence.


10 Miravista Security Tips

Video cameras and remote entry front door Fobs have been installed in all 4 Miravista Buildings in order to increase security. However, condominiums share the same worries as single-family homes when it comes to burglary and break-ins.

What can residents do to secure the complex and their units?

  • Please make sure the front doors to your building are shut and secure. When moving furniture in or out do not leave the front doors open and unattended. This presents a real security risk. There have been instances where strangers have walked in and either damaged common property or attempted to break into units.

  • Never buzz someone you don’t know into the Building. If you subscribe to Shaw cable, the front door security cameras are displayed on channel 125 (analog) and channel 399 (digital)

  • Never let someone that you don’t know enter the building with you. Thieves are opportunists. They will exploit any opportunity to bypass our security system. They will act as friends of neighbors who are supposed to let them in but aren’t home and rely on our reluctance to create an uncomfortable social situation, or act as a pizza delivery person to get in. If someone that you don’t know attempts to come into the building with you, firmly explain that they will have to use the Enterphone to get buzzed in.

  • Use the peephole in your unit to identify the person or people at your door. Ask for identification from service people, even when they’re wearing a uniform. Call their company if you still feel uneasy about them even after seeing their identification.

  • Lock your door always, whether at home or away. If you live on the ground floor, don’t forget to lock your patio door. Never leave any door open for intruders to sneak in. Just like your doors, don’t leave your windows open when you’re away for any length of time.

  • Get to know your neighbors and the people in the building. Ask for their help in keeping an eye on your unit when you’re gone, and at the same time offer your help in keeping an eye on theirs when they’re gone. Cooperation among us might prove to be helpful in the future.

  • Watch out for suspicious people loitering around the common areas particularly the parking garage doors. They may be attempting to gain access. Wait for the garage door to close behind you before continuing.

  • Use your last name only, or, if necessary, your first initial and last name only, on the Enterphone list outside your front door. This way, strangers won’t know your gender or the number of people living in the unit.

  • Renters are responsible for purchasing content insurance. The cost is relatively inexpensive; it will offer peace of mind and protect your assets and belongings.

  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle or on your balcony, particularly if you live on the first or second floors.

  • If you see any suspicious activity, please report it to the non-emergency police line and the building manager.


Guest Suite

A Guest Suite is available in Miravista. There is a rental fee of $70.00 for the first night and $40.00 for additional nights up to a maximum of 7 nights. The booking of the guest suite is limited to owners only. Please contact the Building Manager for further information.  A television has been recently added for the convenience of our guests. CHECK IN: 2:00pm and CHECK OUT: 11:00am.


Parking & Vehicles

A vehicle registration form must be filled out and provided to the management company or the Building Manager within 2 weeks of moving in. Each unit has been assigned a parking space. Please check with the Owner/Property Manager for your designated space if you are renting.

Park so that you do not obstruct more than one space and drive with the safety of others in mind. Vehicles must be in proper operating condition so as not to be a nuisance by virtue of noise, safety, appearance and must display all applicable current registration and stickers. Vehicles which do not meet these standards will be considered abandoned and may be removed at the expense of the vehicle owner.

Nothing other than motor vehicles, trailers or small recreational vehicles may be kept or stored in the parking stalls. No major repairs to motor vehicles are permitted in the parking stalls. Each owner or tenant is responsible for cleaning up oil spills or other debris within the common property caused by his motor vehicle. No mats or cardboard are allowed in the parking stall.


Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is for visitors only; any residents using these parking stalls will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. Maximum parking is for 7 days. Visitors using these stalls must abide by the same rules as owners or tenants and are the owners or tenants responsibility. Vehicles parked in Handicap Stalls not displaying a handicap sign will be towed at the vehicle owners’ expense.  A “visitor parking” pass is available to each owner and guests must display this pass.


Parking Stall Rentals

There is a limited amount of additional parking spaces available for rent. Residents wishing to rent a stall can do so for a monthly fee of $50.00. There is a rental stall waitlist. Rentals are on a first-come first-serve basis. Contact the Building Manager or Okanagan Strata Management for more information.


Sound Transmission

All residents are asked to use consideration when playing stereos, TV’s etc. and entertaining guests as it is likely that you will hear sounds from other units and common areas. Although the building has been constructed in accordance with set standards, they are not sound proof. Quiet time is observed between 11:00pm – 7:00am in suites and on decks.


Balconies, Patios and Storage Units

Nothing should be dropped, thrown or swept from the balconies. No items may be stored on patios/balconies except for patio furniture, BBQ’s, a reasonable number of children's toys, and a reasonable number of potted plants excluding large shrubs, trees, and vines. No blinds or sunshades, birdfeeders or wind chimes of any type affixed to the building exterior are permitted. Reminder to those who have neighbors below to keep things off of railings and secure empty cans. Keep your balcony and patio area clean and free of debris and stored items. Christmas lights or other decorative string/theme lights may be displayed on patios/balconies from December 1st to January 15th only.


If you are using your storage unit located in the storage room in the garage, do not place any items on top of the cage. They will be removed.



The owner or tenant is responsible to insure all their belongings and contents. It is strongly recommended that an insurance policy is purchased which will not only cover the personal content but also liability insurance. An owner or tenant may be held responsible for damage caused to the home and other homes in the condominium, so it is crucial to have sufficient public liability insurance.


Miscellaneous Rules

  • No smoking in hallways, elevators or the garage including storage areas. No disposing of cigarette butts in any common area or off balconies. No smoking within 3 meters of building entrances/exits.

  • Mats and shoes in the hallways are not permitted. This makes vacuuming difficult for the cleaning personnel. Garbage or other items should at no time be left in the hallways.

  • No stunting in the garage or fire lane, and common areas. No skateboards, rollerblades, or skates are allowed in the fire lanes or garage parkade.


Swimming Pool, Hot Tub & Amenities Room

We have a seasonal swimming pool open from May – September. The hot tub is open throughout the year. Please put the hot tub lid back on after use, this will help keep heating costs down. Review the “Rules” that we have outlined below with all tenants and visitors. Anyone found breaking the rules may be imposed fines and refused further use of this amenity. All areas are monitored by several security cameras. Use of the pool area when it is closed is strictly prohibited. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.


Pool & Hot Tub Rules

The Pool and Hot Tub Areas are for the exclusive use of the Owners, Tenants, their families and Guests. These facilities will be governed by the provisions in the bylaws relating to the use of Common Property and by the Rules prescribed by the Council from time to time.

1.      Hours of operation for Pool and Hot Tub: 10:00am – 10:00pm, Monday – Sunday

2.      No lifeguard on duty. All persons using the Pool and Hot Tub do so at their own risk. Neither the                 Strata Council nor the Management are liable for accidents or injuries however caused.

3.      Access to the pool and amenities room is with your building front door key. Do not prop open the            pool gate or amenities room doors.

4.      Change rooms are located in the Amenities Room. Persons using the Amenities Room are to make             sure the bathrooms are left clean and free of all personal effects.

5.      Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an Adult.

6.      Shower before entering pool or hot tub.

7.      No animals in pool or on pool deck.


8.      No smoking on pool, hot tub or pool deck area.

9.      No alcohol in pool, hot tub or pool deck area.

10.   No glass containers or cans permitted in pool, hot tub or pool deck area.

11.   No food permitted in the pool, hot tub or pool deck area.

12.   No diving.


13.   No scooters, skateboards, bicycles, roller blades, etc. allowed on pool deck area.


14.   No swearing, yelling, or coarse language. No running, fighting, or other conduct likely to cause an            accident.


15.   Pool toys should not interfere with others’ enjoyment of the pool.

16.   No persons with open sores, bandages, discharging ears, eyes, noses or head colds allowed in              pool or hot tub.

17.   Bathing load of Pool 40 persons. Bathing load of Hot Tub is 8 persons.

18.   Maximum recommended use of hot tub 20 minutes.

19.   No cut-offs allowed in the Pool and Hot Tub.

20.   Infants must wear children’s swimwear – no diapers or pull-ups.

21.   Personal music players only allowed in the Pool area (iPod’s etc.)

22.   The Strata Council reserves the right to deny use of the facility to anyone in violation of the Pool &            Hot Tub Rules.


Frequently Asked Questions & Tips

Thank-you for reviewing our Welcome Package.  We know we can’t cover everything, so we have compiled a few tips and frequently asked questions that may assist you.


  • Ensure you know where the shut off valve is to turn off the water if a leak occurs – ask your property manager/owner for details

  • No heat or air conditioning or water – contact your property manager/owner immediately


  • What do I do if I lose my keys?

    • If renting, contact your property manager/owner immediately. If the Fob for the entrance or the garage remote is lost – the owner/resident of the unit MUST contact the Building Manager. The lost one will be deactivated for security purposes and a new one can be purchased. 
      Garage Door Opener:  $100    Door Fob:  $50  (cash or cheque only at the Admin Office


  • Where can I get my mail?

    • Contact your property manager/owner for your mailbox number and key

  • What do I do if I have maintenance problems in my suite?

    • If renting, contact your property manager/owner and report any problem.

    • Any maintenance issue that is not reported, thereby causing further damage to the Leased Premises or that of a neighboring tenant, could become a liability to the tenant as well.

  • What if I am having a problem or concern with a neighbor?

    • It is important to try to get along with your neighbors. If you have a problem or concern with a neighbor, it is usually best to try to resolve the problem amongst yourselves. Refrain from using foul language or engaging in verbal arguments. Of course, if you are unable to resolve the problem, feel free to contact Britt Stewart – Strata Manager at OSM with details in writing mdumont@okstrata.com or the Building Manager by e-mail miravistabuilding@gmail.com or the local authorities.

  • Do I need to book the elevator when I move in or out?

    • Yes, you need to contact the Miravista Building Manager prior to your move in or out to reserve a date and time and to ensure the elevator pads are up.

  • What does the Building Manager do here?
    It is the Building Manager’s responsibility to care for and maintain all common areas within Miravista. For any problems pertaining to your individual suite, you must contact the owner or the property manager if you are renting. Owners are responsible for their own units.

Miravista has an active Strata Council of up to 7 members. This is strictly a volunteer position. The Strata Council enforces existing bylaws and rules and from time to time introduces new rules and bylaw to enhance the living experience at Mira Vista.


In an Emergency

Time is the enemy when it comes to an emergency, but that time can be drastically reduced by contacting the designated professionals.   In any emergency one should never hesitate to contact police, fire or ambulance. Below are some numbers that can be used for emergencies, questions or concerns that may be serious or not.

In an Emergency  -  Dial 911


Police                          -(250) 768-2880

Fire Department        - (250) 769-1640

Poison Control          - 1 (800) 567-8911

Pacific Quorum (Emergency Paging) – (250) 868–5858


Smoke Alarm /Fire Bell Testing

In the effort to keep our residents safe we have an annual testing of smoke detectors inside units.  Fire bell testing is done as scheduled. In order to maintain the system properly we may have to sound every alarm for a short period of time. On a test day, if the alarm sounds for longer than 2 minutes, consider it not a test and evacuate the building in the shortest route possible.


In Case Of Evacuation

If the alarm sounds and it is not a scheduled test, consider it an emergency and evacuate the building. Always check your door for heat or gases to ensure that it is safe to open and exit. Exit to the closest exterior opening. On the ground floor it may be easiest to use the front door or the stairwell exit, but for all other residents the stairwell exit is the best option. DO NOT travel down to the garage parkade as it is not the closest exit or use the elevators. Remember, the first and safest exit is the best exit.


Where To Go???

Once out of the building, it is important to have a location to go that is a safe distance away from the building and a point where emergency services can find and help you. Buildings 1 & 2 should travel on Brown Road to Ingram, right on Ingram to the Johnson Bentley Memorial Aquatic Centre parking lot. Buildings 3 & 4 should travel down Old Okanagan Hwy to Johnson Bentley as well. From there, Emergency Services can help you. Remember:  DO NOT GO BACK INSIDE - EVEN IF SOMEONE IS MISSING! Going back into a burning or unstable building can create a second victim. If someone is trapped inside, rescuers will need to find one person. If you go back inside, they'll need to find two. Once out, stay out!

Again - Welcome to Our Community!