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Information and FAQ

Police, Fire, Ambulance                                           911

RCMP West Kelowna Non-Emergency                250-768-2880


Building 24/7 EMERGENCY RESPONSE              1-877-797-0010


Buildings 1 & 2  (PHASE 1 - Built 2008)  

Buildings 3 & 4 (Phase 2 - Built 2009)   



Building 1 - 3833 Brown Rd, West Kelowna, V4T 2J3 

Building 2 - 3843 Brown Rd, West Kelowna, V4T 2J3 
Building 3 - 3832 Old Okanagan Hwy, West Kelowna, V4T 3G6

Building 4 - 3842 Old Okanagan Hwy, West Kelowna, V4T 3G7



1.  Additional fobs and garage door openers can be purchased at the on site Administration Office at Mira Vista in the Amenities Room beside the swimming pool. Homeowners send an email to to authorize tenants to purchase additional devices.


2.  The seller or landlord for your Unit has the parking stall, mail box and storage locker number. 


3. A cell phone can be used for the Enterphone.  Just provide a primary and secondary phone number for set up.  When your phone rings from the Lobby

dialer, press 9 to open the Lobby door for your visitor.  For security, do not provide access to anyone unless you are expecting visitors or deliveries.  

3. The community at Miravista recognizes that pets are often our best friends.  Bylaws regarding pets include: 

  • Only one pet is permitted. One dog or one cat, but not both. 

  • At maturity a dog must not exceed the height of 18” measure at the shoulder.

  • Pets must be registered at the Miravista Administration Office. 

  • Ensure your pet is leashed and under control when on common property.

  • A maximum of 3 small caged mammals, with the exception of mice, rats, reptiles, snakes, scorpions or spiders.

  • All tenants, guests and visitors are responsible to clean up after their pets.

  • Pets are not permitted to defecate or urinate on the common property and please be respectful of neighbouring properties  

  • Any damage to property or injury to persons, or other animals is the responsibility of the Pet Owner.

  • If a pet becomes a nuisance by virtue of behavior, noise or sanitary conditions fines will be assessed to the condo Homeowner.


Swimming Pool, Hot Tub & Amenities Room

Swimming pool access is seasonal from May to September.  The hot tub is open throughout the year. Please lift the hot tub lid and place it into position after use.   Damage to the cover's Handle Straps is caused by dragging the cover into place.  Keeping the  cover  on when the hot tub is not not in use to keep heating costs down.  Homeowners should review the “Rules” outlined below with tenants and visitors.  Breach of rules result in fines to Homeowners and further use of the amenities will be denied per Strata Bylaws.  Use of the pool area when closed is strictly prohibited.  Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.


Pool & Hot Tub Rules

The Pool and Hot Tub Areas are for the exclusive use of the owners, tenants, and their families. These facilities will be governed by the provisions in the bylaws relating to the use of Common Property and by the Rules prescribed by the Council 

1.       The pool is open from approximately May to Septembe long weekends  

         Hours of operation for Pool and Hot Tub: 9:00am – 9:00pm, Monday – Sunday

2.      No lifeguard is on duty. All persons using the Pool and Hot Tub do so at their

         own risk. Neither the Strata Council nor the Management company are

         liable for accidents or injuries. 

3.      Access to the pool and amenities room is with your building fob.

         Do not prop open the pool gate or amenities room doors.

4.      Change rooms are located in the Amenities Room. Please leave the

          bathrooms clean and remember to take your personal belongings with you. 

5.      Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

6.      Shower before entering pool or hot tub.

7.      No animals, food, alcohol, or loud music is permitted on the pool deck.

  Frequently Asked Questions & Tips for Residents

  • Ensure you know where the shut off valve is to turn off the water if a leak occurs – ask your property manager landlord/owner for details

  • Water levers should be left open at all times as the system has a purge feature that operates in conjunction with the compatible thermostat.

  • Ensure the correct thermostat is installed that accommodates the purge feature of the Hydronic Fan Coil Air handler. 

  • No heat or air conditioning or water – contact your property manager/owner immediately

  • Water in the drip tray is generally condensation.  Water on the floor is a leak. Immediately call an HVAC company 

  • Any maintenance issue that is not reported, thereby causing further damage to the Leased Premises or that of a neighboring tenant, could become a liability to the tenant as well.

  • What do I do if I lose my keys and/or fob or garage opener?

    • If renting, contact your property manager/owner immediately.  If the fob
      for the entrance or the garage remote is lost – the owner/resident of

              the unit MUST contact the Property Manager and Building Administration                    Office.  Lost devices will be deactivated for security purposes.

  • Garage Door Opener:  $100    Door Fob:  $50  Homeowners can contact to purchase additional devices. 

  • Where can I get my mail?

    • Contact your property manager/owner for your mailbox number and key

  • What if I am having a problem or concern with a neighbour?
    • It is important to get along with your neighbors.  If you have a problem or concern with a neighbour, it is usually best to try to resolve the problem amongst yourselves.  Refrain from using foul language or engaging in verbal arguments.  If you are unable to resolve the problem,  contact the Property Manger, Liz Bennett at detailing your concern in writing.

  • Do I need to book the elevator and driveway access when I move in or out?

    • Yes, you need to contact to reserve the elevator for your move in or out.  Preferred moving dates and times book up first. It is best to plan your moving date four to six weeks in advance to secure your desired moving date.  Per the bylaws of Miravista your move must be booked at least 48 hours in advance.  There is a refundable $50 security deposit for required use of the elevator key and to ensure elevator pads are up.  Book early to ensure availability and avoid disappointment.  

  • Maintenance to common areas within Miravista are managed by the Alliance Response and Miravista homeowner Allen, who supplies casual maintenance to the Strata Corporation.

  • For any problems pertaining to your individual suite, you must contact the owner or your rental property manager if you are renting. Homeowners are responsible for their tenants and their own units. 

  • The Strata will arrange for smoke detector replacement.  Contact the Building Administration office for priority replacement by the Maintenance Team.

The Strata Council is comprised of seven members elected elected yearly at the Annual General Meeting at the end of October.  This is a volunteer position requiring approximately 12 to 15 hours monthly commitment.  The Strata Council is guided by the laws of the BC Strata Act.

Smoke Alarm /Fire Bell Testing

Fire Safety includes government mandated annual testing of smoke detectors inside units.  Residents have a legal obligation to comply with allowing the Fire Safety Technicians access to their Units.  Non-compliant Homeowners will be fined and Unit access will be enforced.  Homeowners are responsible for their tenants Fire Alarm bell testing is done on the last Tuesday of every month.  In order to maintain the system properly alarms will sound for short periods of time.  On a test day, if the alarm sounds for longer than 2 minutes, then it is no longer part of testing and residents must evacuate the building via the shortest route possible.


In Case Of Evacuation

If the alarm sounds and it is not a scheduled test, consider it an emergency and evacuate the building. Always check your door for heat or gas to ensure that it is safe to open and exit. Exit via the closest opening to the outdoors.  DO NOT travel down to the garage Parkade.  It is not the closest exit.  DO NOT use the elevators under any circumstances.  Remember, the first and safest exit is the best exit.


Where To Go??

Once out of the building move a safe distance away from the building to a point where emergency services can find you. Buildings 1 & 2 should travel on Brown Road to Ingram, right on Ingram to the Johnson Bentley Memorial Aquatic Centre parking lot. Buildings 3 & 4 should travel down Old Okanagan Hwy to Johnson Bentley as well.  The MUSTER STATION for all RESIDENTS is Johnson Bentley Community Pool.  


DO NOT GO BACK INSIDE - EVEN IF SOMEONE IS MISSING!  Going back into a burning or unstable building can create a second victim.  If someone is trapped inside, rescuers will need to find one person.  If you go back inside, they'll need to find two. Once out, stay out! 

 Welcome to the Community of Miravista!

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