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KAS3488 - Mira Vista Pet Registration Form

Pet registration is mandatory as per Strata KAS3488 Pet Rule 4. Contraventions of this Bylaw my result in a fine

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  1. No pets are allowed on landscaped areas of the common property, such as grass, shrubs etc.

  2. All owners, tenants, guests, and visitors are responsible to clean up after their pet. Pet owners must not allow their pets to use the common property to defecate or urinate on. Please take your pet off the strata property for this purpose; the grass is being destroyed by the pet faces and urine. Please be respectful of your neighbours on surrounding properties as well. 

  3. All Pets must always be on a leash while outside a strata lot. 

  4. Owners/residents must submit a completed Pet Registration Form to the Building Administrators/Property Manager within 2 weeks of moving into the building or within 2 weeks of acquiring a cat or dog. 

  5. An owner, tenant or occupant must not have more than one dog or one cat which must not be of a breed which is known to normally exceed 18 inches height at the should when fully grown, and which must be licensed in accordance with municipal requirements. 

  6. One tank up to 20-gallon capacity containing plants, fish or other small aquarium animals is permitted. 

  7. Up to 2 small caged animals are permitted, excluding mice, rats, reptiles, snake, scorpions, or spiders.

  8. Up to 2 caged birds are permitted, excluding large members of the parrot family.


Email for appointment in person with your pet


Form must be received with two weeks of moving in. 

Thanks for submitting!

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