Moving to Mira Vista



Community living has some wonderful advantages.  However, it is important that you be aware that living in close proximity to other residents requires that each person exercise consideration and concern for fellow residents. The rules and policies adopted by vote of the Strata Corporation outlines common sense courtesies.

This is only a summary and is intended to familiarize you with the responsibilities of living in this community.  The main objective is to ensure our property is respected and protected.  Owners and Tenants are encouraged to refer to the “Schedule of Consolidated Bylaws KAS3488” and “Consolidated Rules


Owners are advised to register at  where they can see the Council Minutes and receive bulletins directly to their email address.   Tenants are required to contact their Homeowner or their Representative to access information for in-suite issues.  For information about your unit at Mira Vista go to the website for FAQ.   Tenants are advised to be well aware of Bylaws and Rules to avoid to avoid contraventions that may incur fines being levied to the Homeowner.


Registration Requirements for Moving In

  1. Owners or their Representatives must submit a Form K for their Tenants within 2 weeks of Move In

  2. There is a $200 Move-In Fee (payable to Mira Vista KAS3488) by Cheque or Bank Draft, or e-Fund Transfer to  There is No Move Out fee. There is a $50 Refundable deposit for the Elevator Key.

  3. Pet Registration Form must be received two weeks prior to moving in.  Only One Pet is Allowed.   Maximum Height Allowed is 18” at Shoulder at Maturity. 

  4.  Vehicle Registration must be received by Mira Vista Building Administration Office within two weeks of Move-In.   

  5. Make an appointment for your Move-In or Move-Out by contacting  Include your Unit Number, Full Names of All Occupants, and phone number to schedule your move.  By booking early you will have a better chance of getting your preferred Moving Date and Time.   If the Strata is not informed as required by Moving Rule 2, the resident may be restricted from moving in/out.

  6. Move in/out is only permitted between 8:00a.m. and 8:00p.m.  Booking time intervals are from 8am-12pm, 12pm-4pm and 4pm-8pm.  

  7.  One moving van per driveway at any one time. Moving vans may not exceed 40ft and cannot block the emergency access. DO NOT PROP doors open as it causes damage and is a security breach. 

  8. Ensure you have received Key Fobs, Parking Garage Fobs for entry to the building and garage from the seller or Owner/Property Manager, including a copy of “Schedule of Consolidated Bylaws KAS3488” and “Consolidated Rules”.

  9. Ensure you have received the number of your Mail Box, Enterphone, Storage Locker and Parking Stall from the Seller or Landlord

  10. Bring a padlock for your Storage Unit


Required Immediately AFTER You Move In

ALL UNIT KEY FOBS MUST BE REPROGRAMMED at the Building Administration Office.   Email to book an appointment within seven days of moving in.  Failure to register the fobs may result in deactivation. To purchase additional fobs and garage openers Owners must contact to arrange an appointment for sale of devices. 


Use of Property

Any business that involves customer/client visits coming to the buildings and/or strata lots is not permitted.  Only a business that can be conducted over the phone or the computer is permitted provided it does not disturb neighbours.


Sound Transmission

All residents are asked to use consideration when playing stereos, TV’s etc. and entertaining guests as it is likely that these sounds will be heard in other units and common areas. Although the building construction meets all building code requirements, they are not sound proof. In particular, the kitchen drawers should be placed into the closed position as if they are released or pushed they create unnecessary noise and vibration.  Wear soft sole slippers indoors.

Quiet time is observed between 11:00 pm – 7:00 am in suites and on balconies or patios.