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Form K
Notice of Tenant's Responsibilities

Tenant Information

Important Notice to Tenants:

  1. Under the Strata Property Act, a tenant in a strata corporate must comply with the bylaws and rules of the state corporation that are in force from time to time (current bylaws and rules attached).

  2. The current bylaws and rules may be changed by the strata corporation, if they are changed, the tenant must comply with the changed bylaws and rules.

  3. If a tenant or occupant of the strata lot, or person visiting the tenant or admitted by the tenant, for any reason, contravenes a bylaw or rule, the tenant is responsible and may be subject to penalties, including fines, denial of access to recreational facilities, and if the strata corporation incurs costs for remedying a contravention, payment of those costs.


Submit completed form when renting your suite out (if Bylaws permit)

Thanks for submitting!

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