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Community Bylaws & Rules 

Use of Property - Working from Home

Any business that involves customer/client visits coming to the buildings and/or strata lots is not permitted.  Only a business that can be conducted over the phone or the computer is permitted provided it does not disturb neighbours.

Sound Transmission

Residents are asked to use consideration when playing stereos, TV’s, and entertaining guests.  Loud base sounds can carry and be heard by neighbours and in common areas.  Although the buildings meet construction code requirements, they are not sound proof.  In particular, kitchen drawers should be placed into the closed position. If released or pushed they create unnecessary noise and vibration.  Wear soft sole slippers indoors.  Quiet time is 11:00 pm to 7:00 am in suites, on balconies or  patios, and in common areas.

Parking & Vehicles

A vehicle registration form must be filled out and provided to the Administration Office within 2 weeks of moving in.  Each unit has been assigned a parking space.  Please check with the Owner/Property Manager for your designated space if you are renting.

Park so that you do not obstruct more than one space and drive with the safety of others in mind. Vehicles must be in proper operating condition so as not to be a nuisance by virtue of noise, safety, appearance and must not be parked inside if they are leaking oil or fluid onto the concrete. Vehicles which do not meet these standards will be considered abandoned and will be removed at the expense of the vehicle owner.

Nothing other than motor vehicles, trailers or small recreational vehicles may be kept or stored in the parking stalls. No major repairs to motor vehicles are permitted in the parking stalls. Each owner or tenant is responsible for cleaning up oil spills or other debris within the common property caused by his motor vehicle. No mats or cardboard are allowed in the parking stall.  Breach of bylaws related to Oil Spills are fined $200 to the Homeowner.


Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is for visitors only; residents using Visitor Stalls will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. Maximum visitor parking is for 7 days. Visitors using these stalls must abide by the same rules as owners or tenants and are the owners or tenants responsibility.  Vehicles parked in Handicap Stalls not displaying a handicap sign will be towed at the vehicle owners’ expense.  One “visitor parking” pass is available to each owner and guests must display this pass.  Vehicles parked in Visitors without a parking permit will be towed. 


Parking Stall Rentals

There is a limited amount of additional parking spaces available for rent. Residents wishing to rent a stall can do so for a monthly fee of $75.00. There is a rental stall waitlist. Rentals are on a first-come first-serve basis. Contact the Administration Office at to be put on the waiting list. 


Sound Transmission

All residents are asked to use consideration when playing stereos, TV’s etc. and entertaining guests as it is likely that you will hear sounds from other units and common areas.  Although the building has been constructed to building codes, they are not sound proof.  Quiet time is observed between 11:00 pm and  7:00 am in suites and on decks.   For noise issues after hours please contact the RCMP non-emergency line unless there is concern for criminal activity requiring 911 response. 


Balconies, Patios and Storage Units

Nothing should be dropped, thrown or swept from the balconies. (Snow shovelling off of decks is permitted in winter using all caution). No items may be stored on patios/balconies except for patio furniture, BBQ’s, a reasonable number of children's toys, and a reasonable number of potted plants excluding large shrubs, trees, and vines. No blinds or sunshades, bird feeders or wind chimes of any type affixed to the building exterior are permitted. Reminder to those who have neighbors below to keep things off of railings and secure empty cans. Keep your balcony and patio area clean and free of debris and stored items. Christmas lights or other decorative string/theme lights may be displayed on patios/balconies from December 1st to January 15th only.


If you are using your storage unit located in the storage room in the garage, do not place any items on top of the cage. They will be permanently removed.



Owners and tenants are responsible for insuring their own belongings and contents.  It is strongly recommended that an insurance policy is purchased which will not only cover the personal content but also liability insurance.  An owner or tenant can be held responsible for damage caused to the home and other homes in the condominium, thus it is crucial to have sufficient content and public liability insurance.  For information regarding the Strata Corporation's insurance policy for the  Common Property and deductible Homeowners may access the information on the  Pacific Quorum website by registering online. The Strata Corporation deductible for water leaks is $50,000.

Miscellaneous Rules

  • No smoking in hallways, elevators, or the garage including storage areas. No disposing of cigarette butts in any common area or off balconies. No smoking within 3 meters of building entrances/exits.

  • Mats and shoes in the hallways impede the work of the janitorial staff and are not permitted. Garbage or other items should at no time be left in the hallways or on balconies.

  • No parking in front of the garage doors, fire lanes, and common areas. No skateboards, rollerblades, or skates are allowed in the fire lanes or garage parkade.

  • Barbeques should be moved away from the siding prior to use. 

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